Transgender Woman Who Had Cement Injected Into Her Face Finally Gets Surgery

Rajee Narinesingh, a transgender woman from Hollywood, Florida was injected with some terrible black market injections in 2005. A decade later, she asked plastic surgeons for help, but doctors were all in agreement that cutting into her would possibly be more harmful than just leaving it as was. Now, reality TV surgeons Dr Terry Dubrow and Dr Paul Nassif have a new strategy, and they finally agreed on treating the woman.


Rajee Narinesingh was left disfigured after attending a “plumping” party in 2005. A self-proclaimed “physician” injected her with cement and tire sealant.

These harmful injections to her cheeks, chin and lips left concrete nodules underneath her skin.

Rajee fell victim to the fraudulent and harming practices of “doctor” Oneal Ron Morris, who performed illegal plastic surgery using substances such as Fix-a-Flat, Super Glue and mineral oil.