The Top 14 Tackiest Celebrity Wedding Dresses Of All Time

We’re counting down the worst bridal decisions in the history of Hollywood.


14. Kim Sears.

When Kim Sears and Andy Murray tied the knot, public opinion was split over the most important part of the day… her dress. Some loved it, some say it swamped her small frame and said the style was ‘too mature’ for the young woman. Surprisingly, no one had much to say about Andy’s kilt.

13. Emma Thompson, 1989.

We love you Emma, but come on, you look like a cross between Grandma’s curtains and Little Bo Peep.

12. Princess Diana, 1981.

At the time, the public loved this dramatic David and Elizabeth Emmanuel gown. But since then it’s taken some harsh criticism for being over the top and just a little too poofy.