Take A Break And Enjoy These 10 Fascinating Facts About Kit Kats

7. There are different varieties all around the world.

You’ll find white, milk and dark Kit Kats in most places, but the seasonal variations are different all around the world. You can get cheesecake flavor, a Kit Kat drumstick ice cream cone, and Kit Kats wrapped in pizza dough at Pizza Hut.

8. The bars vary in size in each country. In the Middle East they match the size of the local currency, and in Australia and New Zealand you can get a 12-piece block for when you’re having one of those days (or to share with your friends).

9. Japan has a huge variety of flavors, like miso, green tea, yubari and soy sauce.

10. You can also get a bakeable version in Japan.

They come in pudding and cheesecake flavors, and you can get them in some ethnic food aisles in the States.