The Most Moving Moments From “Humans Of New York”

Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton¬†is truly one of the most authentic depictions of the people’s every day struggles. People from all ages, races, cultures, sexual orientations are represented in this uniquely simple idea. People all over the city are photographed and asked one random question by the photographer. Their answers vary from person to person, but they all have one thing in common. They are the souls that reside in New York.


1. “I wanted to melt into the soil”

“My wife has a brain tumor and I haven’t sold a suit in two weeks. I was with my grandson last week and he asked me to buy him a chocolate. But I had nothing in my pockets. I had to tell him: “Wait until your father comes home.” I wanted to melt into the soil.”

2. “No Struggles”.

“What’s your greatest struggle right now?”

“No struggles.”

3. “I visit her every day.”

(With a yellow bear in hand) “I visit her everyday, even when the mind is gone, the heart shows through.”