The Men Voicing These 14 Disney Princes Are Just As Charming In Real Life

Ever wondered whether the man voicing your favorite Disney Prince is as charming, good-looking and heroic as the character he plays?


1. Aladdin (Aladdin): Scott Weinger.

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Disney/Sullivan Movies

Scott is currently writing and producing television shows, but he’s best known for playing Steve Hale, DJ Tanner’s boyfriend in Full House. There’s even an episode where he dresses up as Aladdin!

2. Beast (Beauty and the Beast): Robby Benson.

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Disney/Corbis Images

Robby Benson is best known for voicing the beast, but has had a long successful Hollywood career, acting in several movies and writing songs for Diana Ross, and for the soundtrack to The Breakfast Club.

3. Tarzan (Tarzan): Tony Goldwyn.

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Disney/Getty Images

You might recognise Tony as Fitzgerald Grant III, President of the United States in Scandal.