The Definitive List Of All The Boys Who Totally Broke Taylor Swift’s Heart!

3. Jake Gyllenhaal

It was going to be brilliant. Tay Tay and Jake. The perfect mix of Love Story and Brokeback Mountain. He even paid $160,000 to have her flown to meet him by private jet! Swoon! But then the horrible maniac that is Jake Gyllenhaal broke up with our beloved Tay Tay. Via  text!
But she got her own back, writing a best selling album with her grief, including hits like “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, “All Too Well” and “State of Grace”. Break up with that, Jake.

4. John Mayer

Tay Tay decided to do a public service to world, teaching us all to never, ever date John Mayer. Now he’s been exposed as the playboy heart-breaker he really is.
Taylor managed to get something back from the disaster that was John Mayer, composing “Dear John” about his devious ways.