The Definitive List Of All The Boys Who Totally Broke Taylor Swift’s Heart!

T-Swizz has a lot of love to give, and until recently she hasn’t had a lot returned. Now that Calvin Harris is ‘Insanely Happy’ with her we can breath a sigh of relief that the everyone’s dream BFF might have finally found her Love Story. To celebrate their awesome power couple status we look back at all the men who weren’t good enough for our girl!


1. Joe Jonas

Look at those eyes! They’re the eyes of a heartless monster. Tay Tay was so happy with Joe, until he went and ruined everything by breaking up with her via a 27-second phone call. 27 SECONDS!!
But then she went and turned it into inspiration for some magical music, like “Last Kiss” and “Forever and Always”.

2. Taylor Lautner

It was perfect! Taylor and Taylor? Hello? These two beautiful beautiful people got together after filming ‘Valentine’s Day’. THEY WERE TAYLOR SQUARED!! But then Taylor ruined it. Swift, not Lautner.
But she immediately regretted it, as we all found out about in ‘Back to December’.