This Brutal Drug Kingpin’s Balling On Instagram Gave Him Away To The DEA.

His name is Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa, but he goes by the moniker El Chino Antrax. He is a notorious leading Mexican drug lord and cartel enforcer.

His violence was only matched by his extravagance. And that would prove to be his downfall. Chino’s instagram was outrageous. Cars, clothes, women…it was, by design, straight out of Scarface. But it was those same instagram pictures that would give clues to authorities as to his whereabouts.

He was arrested upon arrival in Amsterdam. He had had plastic surgery, fake identities, and new fingerprints. But he was still wearing his trademark ring, which you will see in all of the photos below.

El Chino was extradited to the US, where he faced drug trafficking charges. The evidence was overwhelming. He eventually plead guilty, making a deal for a reduced sentence by paying a 1 million USD fine. When one looks at these photographs, that seems like a drop in the bucket. The proceeds of his cocaine and methamphetamine empire must have enormous.

Reading about the bloody power struggles between El Chino and the ever-circling rivals, it becomes very clear that this is hardly a life of stress-free luxury. A read of El Chino’s wikipedia, will quickly shock you as to the body count among high-ranking cartel members.

He may have been surrounded by beautiful women for pictures, but his real-life lover was abducted, tortured and killed by rival gang members.