34 Wonderfully Weird Facts For Your Next Dinner Party

 1. Nauru (or “Pleasant Island”, as it used to be known) is a tiny pacific island that is actually the third smallest state in the world. And what does it’s economy rely on? Bird droppings.


2. It was one of the truly epic moments human history – when man landed on the moon and planted the US flag in its soil. Accordingly, you’d assume the flag was some limited edition worth megabucks. Nope. $5.50 from Sears.


3. During WWII, American soldiers got given 22 sheets of toilet paper each day. Fair enough. And British soldiers? They got 3.

4. Search “askew” on Google. Google, being nearly as funny as Siri, displays all of the content slightly askance, or tilted. Kind of like a dad joke.


5. The tallest woman in history was Zeng Jinlian, pictured. She was over 8 feet tall. That’s a lot of lady.


6. In Inuit, the term “Areodjarekput” means “to exchange wives, but only for a few days.”

7. A study has shown that surgeons who played video games during their childhoods made 35% less mistakes. So there, mom.


8. All Kentucky citizens are legally supposed to take ONE bath a year. Get to it.


9. In 2009, a married Bosnian couple started sneaking around each others backs online using fake names. The only thing was, that although they didn’t know it, they were talking to each other. They met up and the mistake was realized. They got bitterly divorced.