The 22 Sexiest, Most Expensive Supercars In Existence.

 4. Noble M400

Some prefer their more recognizable designs, but apparently these drive far too well to be underrated. 0-60 in less than three seconds. And apparently it is the experience of driving this car that makes you feel like you are going even faster than you are. Worth a go. Full of surprises.

5. McLaren F1 

The legend. The McLaren still reigns, in many minds, as the supreme car of all time. It certainly ruled the 90’s. And for both aesthetic and performance reasons: A 6,064cc 60-degree BMW V12 engine called the BMW S70/2, encased in a gold heat shield got the sexy beast to 240mph. Yeah. And look at the shape! Plus, the central seating arrangement is still widely considered the most beautiful of all interiors. It’s good for when you have two, ah, friends to ride with.

6. Bugatti Veyron

Sure, you’ve heard Lana del Ray sing all about it. For good reason. Who wouldn’t want one of these. Bugatti basically gave the designers carte blanche (blank check) to try and rewrite automotive history. Guess how fast they got it? The quad-turbocharged, 8-liter, W16 engine has 1,000hp, propelling the original car to 254.04mph. At that speed, the tires can only last for fifteen minutes, but the gas for 12. That is whole new realm of tearing things up.