These 19 Painful Situations Will Show You What Irony Really Means

4. When a celebration turns to drowning your sorrows…

In New Orleans, a pool venue was in the midst of celebrating an entire year without a drowning at the site. 100 lifeguards were up in the spot. A man drowned.

5. The last word.

The New York Times was throwing shade on crossword puzzles back in the day (as in the 1920s), thinking they were just a trend for the young and reckless. They proclaimed “the craze evidently is dying out fast.” Today, the NYT’s Sunday crossword is the most iconic crossword of all.

6. Firony.

In 1836, the building that owned the patent for the modern fire hydrant was…burned down. Oh. It’s still unknown who came up with this ironic and life-saving invention.