18 X-Rated License Plates That Somehow Made It Through The DMV

In many people’s eyes your car is a reflection of your personality. Dirty car can mean a disorganized person who needs to sort their life out. A flash, needlessly showy sports car can often mean the owner is overcompensating for something or is going through a midlife crisis.

One thing that certainly represents the personality of a car owner is their license plate. Count yourselves among the few around the world that is permitted to have a personalized license plate. These people have taken this opportunity with both hands. Not only that, they have kept in mind how their car can be a manifestation of their personality. In keeping with this, these innuendo-laden license plates are a little cheeky and downright filthy in some cases. One has to wonder just how the hell they made it through the DMV!


1. Ah the old “58008” trick.

2. You’re a Bengals fan with a red Mustang. You are winning at life.

3. Revenge is a dish best served through an ambiguous, promiscuous license plate.