17 People Who Unbelievably Went Full Idiot…

In every walk of life, there is sadly someone who will make you feel better about yourself. It’s a shallow thing to do, but we are guilty of thriving off the misfortune of others from time to time. It is people like the ones on display here that can fulfil this role in your life. There are genuinely no words for this level of stupidity. Read on in astonishment and just be happy in the knowledge you are not this openly idiotic and or stupid. Seriously, your head will be sore from slapping it in disbelief at the stupidity on display here.


1. Whatever about the bogus source, this person just couldn’t wait to rip the UN(???) a new one.

2. You have to admire his persistence…but not in THAT way.

3. She’s right about one thing, he wasn’t there in 1955.