17 Boozy Tricks For Your Next Drinking Occasion

When you need alcohol and you need it now, here are some tricks to make that next party or sneaking alcohol into a concert a lot easier. They might not be classy, but who needs class when you have alcohol – the cause and solution to all of life’s problems.


1. No cork opener – no problem.

If you are rich enough to afford corked wine but you have misplaced your cork opener, then use your shoe. Place the bottle in the sole of your shoe and bang it against a wall. The cork will slowly start to pop off. Warning: It’s a tad loud and not so classy.

2. Turn cheap vodka into the more expensive kind.

If you pour vodka through a water filter four or five times it will taste smoother. Which is what expensive vodka should taste like. We wouldn’t know because the Red Bull gets in the way of the vodka taste.

3. Fruit infused with delicious vodka.

If you are going to a concert and you need to sneak in some alcohol, try pouring it into large fruit. Create a tiny hole in pour in the contents. Pop a cork or plug like device in it and you are good to go.