16 Child Stars Who Found Fame Too Much To Handle

4. Lindsay Lohan.

The once adorable Lohan’s troubles have been well documented. The Mean Girls star looked set for stardom in the early 2000s. She was beautiful, talented and had a disarming charm that resonated with audiences. Her career arc was pointing upwards until she began having troubles with drugs, alcohol and authority. Things are looking up for Lohan, thankfully. In May 2015, a judge ended her probation after she completed the community service that resulted from her 2012 reckless driving, making it the first time in nearly 8 years that she was probation free.

5. Mark Hammil.

Luke Skywalker was involved in a rather large car accident which affected Mark Hamill’s looks after the making of Star Wars in 1977.  He attempted to cross four lanes of traffic to get to his off ramp.  Doctors had success rebuilding his face resulting in only subtle differences from before. Since, he has not lacked for work, even making use of his scars for his character in The Empire Strikes Back. He is on this list, however, as he struggled to reach the dizzying heights expected after starring in the iconic trilogy. Although he will be recurring his role in the new installments,  his current looks lend themselves to his, now, primary line of work—voice acting.

6. Angus T. Jones.


Jake from Two and a Half Men was an adorable, cheeky little chubby kid. Jones earned a fortune for his role on the long-running series but things began to take a turn when, in November 2012, Jones made statements critical of Two and a Half Men. He said he was a “paid hypocrite” because his religious beliefs conflicted with his job as an actor in expressing the show’s adult themes. His adorable looks have faded and after he was no longer a regular on the show, making sporadic appearances, he now sports this shaggy look seen above.