The 15 Sickest and Sexiest Celebrity Body Transformations In Hollywood

4. Christian Bale

Speaking of EXTREME weight loss, it’s hard to even look at Christian Bale’s effort to lose a third of his body weight for his troubled character in The Machinist. He dropped 63 pounds in FOUR months. All he ate every day was a can of tuna and an apple. His body was completely wasting away.. Doctors thought he was near death, and so he stopped his plight, despite wanting to keep going to 100 pounds. Beyond crazy.

5. Charlize Theron

The stunning blonde put on 30 pounds of weight to play a prostitute who spirals into serial killing. Her performance is incredible, as was her body transformation.

6. Tom Hardy

In five weeks, Hardy body morphed to take on the role of Charles Bronson, a notorious brawler and British prisoner. He ate like a truck and lifted weights like a maniac. Of course, he got even bigger to play Bane. He’s obsessed.