The 15 Sickest and Sexiest Celebrity Body Transformations In Hollywood

Some of these will make you feel uneasy, while others are completely inspiring. Either way, they prove that actors aren’t lazy!

 1. Chris Pratt

CP lost 60 pounds in six months and went full beast mode for Gaurdians of the Galaxy. Six months without beer! Could you do it?

2. 50 Cent

The usually ripped rapper lost 50 pounds to play a football player who succumbs to cancer. He ran for three hours a day and existed on a purely liquid diet.

3. Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey was renowned for his buff body. But to play a man afflicted with AIDS in Dallas Buyers Club, he absolutely decimated his weight. This is all he ate each day: two egg whites, a plain piece of chicken, and a can of diet coke. Dedication pays off.