15 Scandalous Celebrity Secrets That Are Mouth Droppping

Did you know John Travolta wears a wig? Or that singer Brandy killed a woman? Didn’t think so. As you scream out to your mom about the Travolta wig thing take a gander at what other celebrities have lost, or found, or been born into.


1. Steve Buscemi is a firefighter.


After the terror attacks on 9/11 Steve Buscemi returned to New York where he was once a firefighter. He helped with the recovery efforts.

2. Charlize Theron’s mother killed her father.

Charlize Theron’s father was an abusive alcoholic and he came home one night and attacked her mother. Her mother shot him in self-defense and he died. Her mother was not charged over his death.

3. Leighton Meester’s parents were drug smugglers.

This upper east-sider was actually born in jail. Leighton Meester’s mother, father and aunt were arrested for drug smuggling. Leighton’s mom was released from prison 16 months after she was born where they then moved to LA.