The 15 Idiotic Rejection Letters That Cost Companies Millions

4. Andy Warhol

Warhol was literally trying to give away his art when he got rejected. Today this seems ridiculous, but in 1956, MoMa said ‘no sir’ to the young artist. Oh well.

5. Jimi Hendrix

This is what the US Army had to say about Hendrix: “Pvt. Hendrix plays a musical instrument during his off duty hours, or so he says. This is one of his faults, because his mind apparently cannot function while performing duties and thinking about his guitar.” Function?

6. Gertrude Stein

Okay, this one is a little funny. Stein is known for her unique writing style. She was a pioneer, and a lot of people didn’t understand her novel use of repetition. Including Alfred C. Fifield, who not only rejected her but wrote back to Stein in a mocking letter. She’d go on to become one of the defining figures of modern writing.