15 Fascinating O.J. Simpson Facts That Will Mortify You

4. There was more to that slow police chase.

In the famous “white Ford Bronco” chase, O.J. Simpson was being driven by his friend Al Cowley. In the backseat he was holding a gun to his head threatening to kill himself. As well as the gun, O.J. had a fake wig, passports, $8,000 in cash and additional clothes. This led prosecutors to believe that he was planning to flee the country.

5. O.J. wanted some OJ before his arrest.

After the hours long chase that ended at  O.J. Simpson’s estate, he calmly walked inside, sat on the couch and requested a glass of OJ. He then called his mother and only after that did he surrender himself to police.

6. Celebrate good times.

After his acquittal, according to a Vanity Fair article, O.J. threw a lavish party. He ordered 40 cases of champagne and asked the LAPD to guard his residence from paparazzi. It was ironic that he asked help from the police after his defense team had deemed them to be incompetent throughout the entire trial.