15 Fascinating O.J. Simpson Facts That Will Mortify You

O.J. Simpson was acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. With the release of American Crime Story stirring up old and new feelings about the infamous case, there are too many facts that get brushed aside in order to tell the story on television. So, to satisfy your need for crime related facts, especially after watching Making a Murderer, here are 13 facts about O.J. “Juice” Simpson that may confirm how you already felt about him.


1. O.J. and Nicole’s children were sleeping just feet away from where the murders took place.

O.J. and Nicole Simpson’s children were sleeping at Nicole’s house the night of the murders. As Nicole went to open the gate for her friend Ron Goldman, the two were brutally stabbed to death on the stairs of her porch. Her children, Sydney and Justin were sleeping inside.

2. O.J. Simpson kissed Nicole and whispered something in her ear at the funeral.

Despite almost being decapitated, Nicole had an open casket at the funeral. According to several witnesses, O.J. walked up to the casket, kissed Nicole on the lips, whispered what sounded like an apology in her ear and continued to talk to her body for approximately 15 minutes.

3. Johnnie Cochran made O.J.’s apartment appear more “black”.

Jurors were allowed to walk through O.J. Simpson’s house but his lawyer Johnnie Cochran was given permission from the judge to redecorate the house beforehand. Notably Cochran took down naked pictures of O.J.’s then girlfriend and replaced it was African inspired art.