13 Ridiculously Overpriced Products People Actually Pay For

4. Designer eyewear.

The differences, besides all the marketing, between designer frames and quality basic products are minimal. Somehow these companies get away with chalking up around 1000% on them with the promise that you need a label. The reality – designer frames and lenses aren’t often superior in terms of performance. Lies!

5. Beats by Dre headphones.

The New York Times worked out that a pair of Beats heaphones costs about $14 to make. But how much will they set your wallet back? Between $150 and $500. The sound quality is not valued by experts, but the brand ‘beatz’ out its competitors utilizing marketing that aligns them with musicians who are killin’ it.

6. Fountain soft drinks.

The average fountain soft drink costs the outlet selling it a few pennies. So when you pay a couple bucks for your cup, you are being suckered with a mark-up of between 300 and 600 percent. Oh, and you’re also probably half filling your cup with ice. Damn.