13 Ridiculously Overpriced Products People Actually Pay For

You have got to be careful in this world – retail companies literally exist to try and snake your hard earned dollars from you. Of course, it’s to be expected that a store charges a fair amount more than it cost them to produce the item. But these? These are the worst. They are out to get you. Read these and don’t be fooled!


1. Bottled Water.

That “special” water that is going to make you more youthful, beautiful and healthy? It has average price markup of 4,000 percent. That means it costs ONE cent to make, and will cost you $4 off the shelf. The absolute fraud of it is that the bottled stuff is pretty much exactly the same as tap water, since both have to comply with federal regulations for purity and ‘natural’-ness. Don’t believe the hype. You’ll get just as sexy drinking normal water. Treat yourself smart.

2. Cosmetics.

The ingredients of makeup are generally rock minerals mixed with things like crushed insects, animal carcasses and rust. These are (forgive the pun) ‘dirt cheap’. Some oil, wax and fragrances are then put into the mix. But the real reason that cosmetics can continue being one of the commodities with the highest mark-up in retail? Celebrity endorsements. The reality is, the cheap stuff is essentially the same. Maybe Maybelline is laughing all the way to the bank.

3. Movie popcorn.

A large tub of this good stuff costs the cinema around 99 cents. You pay nearly $8 at most movie theaters. That’s an 800 % markup. Wear a big coat and BYO!