13 Fictional Worlds You’d Empty Your Bank Account To Visit

7. Oz.

Why you want to visit: You immediately have three best friends that are overly enthusiastic about all things you. You can hang out in Munchkin Land with little people who seriously know how to party. Also you get to repeat “lions and tigers and bears oh my” as much as you goddamn want.

Why you don’t want to stay: Oz is actually a pretty one dimensional world where you are always required to follow the Yellow Brick Road, seriously, never ask for directions in this place unless you want a 30 minute musical set piece about how you should “follow the Yellow Brick Road”. Also don’t expect to rely on The Cowardly Lion when sh*t goes down, that cat is unreliable.

8. Wonderland.

Why you want to visit: If you like taking drugs, this place is for you, except you probably shouldn’t take drugs and go to Wonderland because you would probably suffer an existential crisis of Ant-Man like proportions and break yourself. The highlights would include going to a Mad Hatter’s tea party, trying to catch The Cheshire Cat and changing your size at will.

Why you don’t want to stay: Do you know how broken you would be never coming down from an acid trip? Or trying to understand anything anybody says in the place. It’s like everyone speaks Green Eggs and Ham in that place.

9. Diagon Alley.

Why you want to visit: You’re probably thinking, “why not Hogwarts? That place is way better”, but don’t fall into that trap you fool! It’s a rookie mistake. What is Hogwarts? It’s a school, that’s what! And who wishes they could go back to school? Nobody, that’s who. Also constantly having Hermione rolling her eyes at you and yelling at you for pronouncing “wingardium leviosa” wrong would be a drag. Diagon Alley has all the magical fun of Hogwarts with none of the boring classes.

Why you don’t want to stay: Shopping is a nightmare after a few hours and what good is all that magic if you aren’t going to use it on a few unsuspecting muggles.