13 Fictional Worlds You’d Empty Your Bank Account To Visit

4. Pleasantville.

Why you want to visit: Imagine having the opportunity to go inside your TV and be part of one of your favorite shows…then wreck that fictional world completely with your sinful, sinful ways.

Why you don’t want to stay: You’ve just turned a town full of all American townsfolk who didn’t have a care in the world, into sex crazed, neurotic and unstable individuals (real people), who are going to be looking for somebody to blame.

5. The Matrix.

Why you want to visit: This is the world that introduced us to ‘bullet time’, a sh*tload of guns, learning kung fu in a matter of seconds and the woman in the red dress. Who wouldn’t want to spend a bit of time with that simulation for a while?

Why you don’t want to stay: If you die in the Matrix, you die in the real world which really sucks when you have godlike FBI agents after you who can punch through brick walls and incapacitate you with their drawn out speeches about humans being parasites and blah blah blah.

6. Jurassic World.

Why you want to visit: The animal park seems like a really great idea and with the proper supervision (honestly, how bad is that security) it could be an amazing place to visit. Jurassic World is like the zoo on steroids, it’s like going to see Sharknado 3 at an IMAX theatre – nothing really compares.

Why you don’t want to stay: This logic is rather easy. You wouldn’t want to live in a zoo, sooner or later you’re going to start throwing peanuts at the spider monkeys and trying to ride the Elephants. Now put dinosaurs in those two scenarios and the odds are certainly not in your favor.