13 Fictional Worlds You’d Empty Your Bank Account To Visit

These are the places you grew up wanting to visit because these worlds looked way more fun, badass and just plain weird than anything you could hope to find in our own world. However, the word ‘visit’ is very important in this scenario, because although it would be amazing to go for a holiday, you really wouldn’t want to stay for the lifestyle.


1. Gotham City.

Why you want to visit: Because you get to meet Batman because you know who he is. You also know exactly where to find him. You could march right up to Wayne Manor and threaten to out him unless he gives you your own bat vehicle to blow up ‘criminals’ with.

Why you don’t want to stay: It’s Gotham city for God’s sake. A guy had to dress up in a bat costume so that crime would actually be fought. The police are useless and only do the job so they can get on the take and depending on which ‘bat universe’ you enter, you might be forced to witness bat nipples.

2. The Shire.

Why you want to visit: It’s the Shire. The place where happy Hobbits eat, drink and be Merry (not to be confused with the Hobbit of the same name). You can make your home in Bag End and hit on Rosie at the Green Dragon Inn while downing a glass of mead.

Why you don’t want to stay: At first you would be a friendly visitor, but after a while you would want to spend some time with normal sized people who actually wear shoes. This would drive you bitter and you would eventually enslave and subjugate the Hobbits to do your bidding, corrupting the place you loved in the first place.

3. Rivendell.

Why you want to visit: It’s where the freaking elves live! They also have waterfalls, a sweet courtyard where ‘fellowships of the ring ‘ gather and begin their quests. Also if you’re looking for a safe neighborhood with good schools for the kids, you won’t find a better area.

Why you don’t want to stay: Elves age painfully slow so if you’re looking for a good time, you’re probably going to find it more interesting watching grass grow.