13 Awesome Holiday Destinations: Expectations Vs Reality

Oops, you’ve done it again. You went on a holiday with high expectations and ended up being severely disappointed. “How come?” you might wonder. After seeing holiday commercials on TV, and staring at beautiful landscape photography in your favorite magazine, it’s time to realize something very important – you’ve been lied to.

The tourism industry wants you (and a million other people) to believe that you’re going to go to a remote island beach, sipping red wine with your significant other. No other people as far as the eye can see. Why are they lying, you ask? On holidays, you hate those annoying tourists – even when you’re a tourist yourself.


1. Visiting the Great Wall of China: Expectation.

Visiting the Great Wall of China: Reality.

2. Visiting Italy’s Tower of Pisa: Expectation.

Visiting Italy’s Tower of Pisa: Reality.

3. Finally getting to see the Mona Lisa: Expectation.

Finally getting to see the Mona Lisa: Reality.