12 Celebrities That Drastically Changed Career Paths

We all know those faces “from that one movie”. At the height of their careers, these celebrities probably made enough money to support whatever career choices they made next… However bizarre and inexplicable and… Bizarre.


1. Frankie Muniz.

There’s no denying Frankie Muniz is known for, and only for, being Malcolm from Malcolm In The Middle. He rode out his Malcolm fame for a little while with roles in Big Fat Liar and Agent Cody Banks, but then he mostly started doing cameos as himself. Minimum acting effort, maximum exposure.

In 2006, Muniz announced his acting hiatus and pursued his other passion: race car driving. He wasn’t very good though, and consistently was among the last racers to finish. However, in 2008, whilst under a two-year full-time deal with Jensen Motorsport, he was rewarded with the Jovy Marcelo award for sportsmanship.

He also played music for a little while, but he wasn’t very good at that either. To be honest, he wasn’t very good at acting in the first place anyway – but he doesn’t care.

Yes! You do you, Frankie.

2. Kevin Jonas.

Being the eldest of the Jonas Brothers, Kevin has always kind of been the odd man out. Nevertheless, the three brothers starred together in the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock before getting their own Disney Channel series JONAS. They toured the world, sold albums, and wore purity rings. It was a thing back then.

Can we just take a moment and remember the old Jonas brothers? Yes, they did look like this.

While Nick Jonas continued to pursue his music career and played an amazing part on Scream Queens, and Joe Jonas just kind of became famous for being Joe Jonas, Kevin turned to reality TV. Married To A Jonas, which followed Kevin and his wife Daniella Deleasa through all their trials and tribulations of being married and kind of famous, only lasted for two seasons.

However, Kevin reemerged on The Real Housewives of New Jersey as Kathy Wakile’s contractor. He actually launched his own construction company, JonasWerner, and it’s doing very well.

Well, we wouldn’t put it past Joey Fatone.


On a side note, we all know what happened to Nick Jonas.

You’ve done well, Nick. You’ve done very well indeed.

3. Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

Ah, the Sprouse twins. They became the most popular set of acting twins since the Olsen twins did Full House and It Takes Two and the Lohan twins did Parent Trap. Wait – what? There was just one?!

With major roles like Julian in Big Daddy, back in the day when Adam Sandler was still bearable to watch, and Ross’ son Ben in Friends, the Sprouse twins really put themselves on the map.

They later became huge Disney stars thanks to the success of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. They were named the highest-earning Disney television actors in 2010. They were 18 at the time.

However, the twins are not just a double pretty face. They went to New York University after The Suite Life, and graduated with honors in 2015. Cole graduated as an archeology major and Dylan studied video game design. These days, Cole is really into photography and has two Instagram accounts. One where he posts artistic work and one where he posts photos of fans trying to take pictures of him.

Dylan started working in a restaurant in New York in 2013, because, he can.