11 Things You May Be Doing To Your Dog That Your Dog Actually Hates

4. Hugging your dog.

We know you love them. They love you too, but they don’t find hugging enjoyable. While to humans, hugging is a sign of affection, to dogs, it’s a sign of dominance.

5. Using words and forgetting to use body language.

Words are a confusing thing to dogs. They mostly pay attention to body language. For example, if you tell your dog to “stay” but bend over with your hand out, all they can see is “play”. Be clear in your body language if you want your dog to follow commands. They will. They’re smart enough to, as long as you don’t confuse them.

6. Don’t make them interact with dogs they don’t like.

Just like we don’t have to be friends with people we don’t like, dogs don’t have to be friends with dogs they don’t like. This is also why early socialization is important, because it will prevent an awkward situation from turning into a bad one.