11 Things You May Be Doing To Your Dog That Your Dog Actually Hates

Who doesn’t love a puppy? Dogs are human’s best friend and most loyal companion. They provide us with unconditional love and acceptance, and as long as a dog is your friend, you’ll never be alone. However, it is imperative that dogs receive proper training. Sure, not all dogs should be able to detect drugs or know how to convincingly play dead, but they need a few rules in their lives – and so do we. Here are a few things you may be doing to your dog that they’re not entirely happy about.


1. Not providing any structure or rules.

Some people don’t like dogs, because they are scared of them or a specific type of breed. In reality, there are no “bad” or “dangerous” dog breeds. There are dogs who are bred for bad reasons and trained to do illegal things, which leads to a terrible life for them, more than anyone.

When you make the decision to get a pooch, you’re making a commitment for a good ten to 13 years. Your pup can’t go through life without structure or rules, and they require at least a minimum of training. Think about it: if you don’t put rules or restrictions in place for kids, they don’t grow up to be adults with desirable behavior, do they?

People especially tend to make this mistake with smaller dogs. Just because it fits in your bag, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need structure.

2. Keeping the leash too tight.

It’s great to look after your furry friend. After all, you don’t want them to wander off or get hurt. However, when you take them for walks, try to give them some freedom to roam and explore. Keeping the leash too tight will only cause anxiety and an anxious dog is an unhappy dog.

3. Intentionally teasing them.

If you’re teasing your dog because it’s funny, please stop. There’s a different between teasing and playing. Dogs love to play, but they don’t like to be teased. In fact, it makes them angry and if repeated, it can lead to serious behavioral problems.