11 Crazy Animal Hybrids That Actually Exist

Cross-breeding isn’t just limited to our pets, there is a whole world out there full of hybrid animals. Some of this cross-breeding occurs in the wild and other times in captivity. It is important to remember that cross-breeding in captivity¬†is largely an irresponsible practice with side effects that includes birth defects, sterilization and other health problems for the animal. Here are 11 animal hybrids you probably never knew existed.


1. Geep (goat/sheep hybrid).

Most goat/sheep hybrids are stillborn making this animal quite rare.

2. Grolar bear (polar bear/grizzly bear hybrid).

Most of these animals are born and bred in captivity but there have been sightings of grolar bears in the wild. Researchers believe that cross-breeding between grizzly bears and polar bears will continue as the temperature warms in the Arctic.

3. Wholphin (male false killer whale/female bottlenose dolphin hybrid).

Although false killer whales and dolphins belong to the same family, a hybrid is extremely rare. So rare in fact that only one is known to exist, which is in captivity at the Sea Life Park in Hawaii.