11 Actresses Who Hid Their Baby Belly In TV Shows

These ladies took the Beyoncé lyrics “Strong enough to bare their children, then get back to business” seriously. That’s exactly what these actresses did. Although their characters on their TV shows were not preggers, in real-life they certainly were and directors did everything they could to hide it. Some succeeded, some failed, but they all tried to pull the wool over our eyes with these 10 excuses and/or giant handbags.


1. Daphne on Fraser – She went to fat camp.

When Jane Leeves got knocked up in real life, her character Daphne was not in a position to pull it off. Instead they kept making fat jokes for the the entire season and eventually “sent her off to fat camp”, AKA let Jane leave to drop her baby.

2. Grace Adler on Will and Grace – Her growing waist line wasn’t addressed.

Grace Adler always wanted a baby but when Debra Messing got pregnant for reals, it wasn’t the right time for Grace. So what did they do? They put blankets, over-sized handbags and tables in front of her. It worked a charm until it started to show in Messing’s face. Thankfully it was at the end of the season when she really started to crown.

3. Lemon Breeland in Hart of Dixie – Denial. denial, denial.

When Jamie King got pregnant the crew on Hart of Dixie decided to ignore it as well. They put bunches of flowers in front of her and pretty much shot her from the boobs up for most of the season.