10 ‘The Simpsons’ Hidden Easter Eggs Only True Fans Have Noticed

2. Lou and Eddie sometimes appear in plain clothes.

These buddies actually hang out outside of office hours. Check out who’s sitting behind Homer and Marge in the photo below.

3. Homer is way ahead of modern mathematics.

This one’s a head scratcher. No one really thinks of Homer as a genius, but in “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace”, Homer decides to invent things like his hero Thomas Edison. At one point, he scribbles away on a chalkboard, in what we all assume in gibberish. What he actually wrote is MIND-BLOWING. That equation predicts the mass of the God Particle, the Higgs Boson, an equation the scientific community didn’t solve until 14 years later. Homer’s answer? It’s only off by a minuscule amount. WHAT?!

Further, cartoon Stephen Hawking appears to humor Homer when they discuss his theory of a doughnut-shaped universe.

In reality, the doughnut shaped universe is a credible theory with a lot of backing in the Physics community.