10 Reasons To Take Up Barre Beautiful Classes Now

Need to change up your workout routine? Looking for a new fitness class to take on? Say no more – this is what you’re looking for.

Barre beautiful classes, the latest craze, are pretty much a dancer’s workout without the actual dance itself. This way, you might just able to finally get those lean, strong muscles you’ve been wishing for most of your adult life. This highly intense workout “challenges stability, balance and muscular endurance while promoting good posture.”

It certainly won’t be an easy workout, but a whole lot of fun. We’ve compiled a list of ten reasons why you should enlist for barre beautiful classes ASAP.


1. Barre classes include different components of yoga, pilates as well as ballet.

If you’re expecting to not break a sweat, then this is the wrong class for you. Based on ballet-inspired movements, barre beautiful workouts include a lot of body-weight-bearing exercises. According to barre class instructor Kate Albarelli, the workout utilizes “small, medium, and large ranges of motion, targeting all the different muscle fibers.”

2. It’s anything but boring.

In fact, you’ll have a whole new set of toys to play with. They’ll help you achieve better physical coordination, work individual muscle groups and be incredibly sore by the end of the class.

3. The Victoria’s Secret models do it…

… and we all know what they look like. Many of them, including Gigi Hadid, achieved their lean, muscular look by doing both cardio and weights classes, including workouts at the barre.