10 Parasitic Infections You Wouldn’t Wish On Your Worst Enemy

Do you have enemies? Sure you do. Dave in the office is a dick who steals all the coffee from the break room and doesn’t replace it, but even Dave doesn’t deserve to get these ten parasitic infections that are straight out of your worst nightmares…seriously.


1. Taeniasis.

Taeniasis is a type of tapeworm which doesn’t usually come with any symptoms. You tend to notice these guys when you go to poop and see live worms wriggling around in it – try eating your lunch now.

2. Bot fly larva.

The bot fly deposits its eggs inside of human skin and then it’s offspring claws its way out when it’s born. If you think this seems familiar, you’re right, it’s the plot of Alien.

3. Ascaris.

Ascaris comes from Latin, meaning “ass is scared” (probably). It is one of the most common worm infections, but don’t think that means it’s not bad. The worms migrate to your lungs where their larvae grow – think about that the next time you breathe.