10 Of The Most Beautiful Celebrity Wives

Everyone fantasizes about marrying a celebrity at some point in their life, but most male celebrities are already taken. By incredibly stunning women that will give them out of this world beautiful children. Won’t somebody think of the children?!


1. Elsa Pataky.

Who wouldn’t want to be Chris Hemsworth’s wife? Well, Elsa Pataky did it. The Spanish model, actress and film producer married Thor almost five years ago and together they have three gorgeous kids, one daughter and two twin sons.

2. Camila Alves McConaughey.

When Camila and Matthew met, she was an aspiring model. The pair dated for five years before finally tying the knot two years ago. They’ve brought three gorgeous kids into the world, which is unsurprising really. Just look at them.

3. Genevieve Galecki.

We were angry when Dean married Lindsay in Gilmore Girls and we were angry when Jared Galecki married Genevieve in real life. Then they had two gorgeous children together and we kind of got over it and let them be a beautiful couple in peace.