As bus stops go, they are never the best of places to be standing at waiting for a bus – especially on this cold winters days. Although, there are some bus stops around the world which could make the wait a little less painful. All the bus stops featured are real and might just make the wait for the bus a little less daunting!

Some people need to put their phone away when they have had a few too many, while their friends need to stop texting them about it in the morning. Actually, please carry on because they are hilarious.

Do you need something interesting to tell your co-workers or friends while hanging out at the bar or something to break the ice with a stranger you had your eye on. Well we have you covered with these very interesting one sentence facts

Richard Silver is a photographer who has created a series called “Time Slice”. It’s an imaginative idea which brilliantly shows the passage of time in a single photo. Each photo consists of a famous landmark and gradually slices from day to to night, providing an amazing effect,