Ever wondered what a Simpsons character would look like in real life? Here we have 16 of the best representations of the characters from the incredibly popular animated series. Do you know someone that looks like a Simpsons character?

The 1990’s brought us the birth of the sitcom. Often wholesome and light, these shows often revolved around a central character and relied heavily on unique catch phrases to engage their audiences. A legacy of these TV shows the these iconic characters that to this day still endear positive responses to those that reminisce about this golden age of television.

Will Smith is in early stages of negotiations with Legendary and Universal to feature in their upcoming film ‘Brilliance’. The sci-fi thriller will be based on Marcus Sakey’s novel which features the same name.

Visual effects artist Richard Trammell shows us what everyone else in the movie would have seen by removing Brad Pitt from a key scene in the movie. We can finally see how crazy Ed Norton and his wild imagination really was.

Never before seen behind-the-scenes photos of the Star Wars trilogy have emerged from Star Wars actor Peter Mayhew, who portrayed Chewbacca in the original film trilogy. Peter shared the rare photos from all the original films on his personal Twitter account.