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Guardians of The Galaxy Review: Better Than The Avengers?

Marvel fans and casual movie fans alike will enjoy this movie. In Marvel’s 10th cinematic installment, audiences are once again blown away by the effects and action. The question was, could it equal the Avengers? While only breaking August box office records and not reaching the Avengers level money-wise, in quality it equals, and possibly […]
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7 Stunning Before & After Special Effects From Popular Movies & TV Shows. #5 Is Shocking!

Continuous advancements to film technology is allowing for the creation of amazing 'green screen' scenes that look like the real deal. You will be surprised by how much of the environment of some recent TV shows & movies have been created artificially or filmed off of the main set and merged in later.
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These Leaked Photos From The Set Of Star Wars: Episode VII Are Sending The Fans Crazy!

These pictures have come from the super secretive Star Wars set based on the sands of Abu Dhabi. In these photos it appears the production is re-creating the desert planet of Tatooine with new aliens, R2 units and plenty of selfie taking extras, which is helping spread fuel excitement from Star Wars fans around the […]


40 Photos From The Making Of The Star Wars Saga (1977-2005)

Go behind the scenes and see how one of the most popular movie saga's of all time was created. It's amazing to see the changes in technology used for filming and the evolution of costumes throughout the years from the first episode of Star Wars in 1977 to 2005.
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Hugh Jackman Is Snapped Training Hard For His New Role As Blackbeard – Looking Good Hugh!

Check out Hugh Jackman as he sharpens up his sword skills as he looks to tackle his new role as Blackbeard! Arrrrgh!

Disney A113 Secret Code 0

Disney Has Been Keeping A Secret Known As ‘A113′ And It’s In 100′s of Their Movies! You Will Never Guess What It Means

Have you ever noticed the code 'A113' appearing in Disney films? The Disney animators are placing this code discretely into their movies and it has a special meaning to it that will make you smile...
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10 Stars That Should’ve Won Oscars!

These 10 movie stars have performed exceptionally well throughout their careers but have failed to win an Oscar, despite being nominated many times. We believe these actors all deserve an Oscar!
300 Rise of Empire

5 Must Watch Action Movies Of 2013 and 2014

We take a look at 5 absolute must-watch recent release and upcoming action movies.