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Review: MI5 Rogue Nation – Tom Cruise Proves Yet Again He’s The Last Action Hero

Tom Cruise just won’t let this franchise self-destruct. And it’s a good thing!

Review: Marvel’s Ant-Man Was Everything We Anticipated

Marvel has produced yet another entertaining and exciting flick about a superhero you didn’t see coming.

Review: Paper Towns – A Quality Coming-Of-Age Film That Will Make You Giggle

If you want a light-hearted teen flick with more originality than most, this is the movie for you.

Review: Terminator Genisys Has Nothing On The Originals

Whatever you do, don’t let this be the last movie you watch before the machines attack.

Review: Mad Max Fury Road Is Easily The Greatest Film You Will See This Year!

Every now and then a film comes along that changes the game and becomes a touch point for everything that follows. Fury Road is one of those films, set to join the pantheon of all-time-great genre films.


Review: Poltergeist – A Faithful Nod To The Original But Otherwise Underwhelming

For aficionados of the horror genre, the 2015 is a fond remake of the 80s cult classic. On a modern level, the film fails to frighten but is kept alive by two standout performances and creepy CGI.

Review: Spy – The Hilarious Cast Provides Easy Laughs In A Clever CIA-Movie Spoof

Melissa McCarthy, Miranda Hart and Jason Statham shine in this vulgar slap-stick comedy that pokes fun at the entire spy movie genre.

Review: Pitch Perfect 2 – Slightly Off Key But Still Aca-Awesome!

Final Word: Over all – it’s pretty Aca-awesome!

Film Review: ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Have the Avengers become the ‘old dogs’ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? ‘Age of Ultron’ was nothing game-changing, but it did everything it needed to do.