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Can Root convince Finch to stick with the team?

11 Photos from the “Person of Interest” Season 4 Premier

11 photos from the Season 4 premier, "Panopticon", airing on Sept 23rd (CBS)

Person of Interest: What to Expect for Season 4 & Release Date

Season 4 of "Person of Interest" promises plenty of new cast, conflicts, and action!


This 2D Animation by Disney Filmmakers Will Be the Best Animation YOU Can Help Make

Think about the last few animated movies you saw. Frozen, How To Train Your Dragon, and even The Lego Movie. What do all these movies have in common? The animation is 3D, made mostly with computers and programs. However, a few Disney Veterans are making 2D movie that may save and spark a revolution in […]
City of god

Looking For A Good Movie On Netflix? Check Out “City Of God” (Review)

"City of God" is one of the best Brazilian films to ever hit the Worldwide market. Once you're done binge-watching "Orange is the New Black", this movie is a must-see.


7 Unseen Joker Photos That Will Make You Miss Heath Ledger Even More

Heath Ledger will always be remembered in our hearts as one of the best, if not the best, Joker of all-time. Heath ledger always gave 110% into his character, which ultimately led to his depression. Here are 7 unseen photos from The Dark Knight that will show you his determination and make you wish he […]

Guardians of The Galaxy Review: Better Than The Avengers?

Marvel fans and casual movie fans alike will enjoy this movie. In Marvel’s 10th cinematic installment, audiences are once again blown away by the effects and action. The question was, could it equal the Avengers? While only breaking August box office records and not reaching the Avengers level money-wise, in quality it equals, and possibly […]
Special effects

7 Stunning Before & After Special Effects From Popular Movies & TV Shows. #5 Is Shocking!

Continuous advancements to film technology is allowing for the creation of amazing 'green screen' scenes that look like the real deal. You will be surprised by how much of the environment of some recent TV shows & movies have been created artificially or filmed off of the main set and merged in later.