The Future Of Gaming

The long awaited next-gen has been out for a few months now, it has caused console wars, problems and overall a new height in the direction of gaming.

With both Sony and Microsoft taking different approaches this generation, it shows the different visions going forward. Sony ‘For the players’ concentrating purely on the gaming aspect of their console but not really showing a strong release day line-up. Microsoft ‘Your TV’ took a more multi-media approach, hoping to turn your viewing experience into a manageable and easy access through one system.

During the 360 and PS3 era, they both transitioned and started offering different APPS(a application software designed to run on xbox-one-vs-ps4-578-80smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices) i.e.-Netflix over the course of their lifespan. The one big success was the SKY app here in the UK on the Xbox 360 which rather surprisingly hasn’t transferred onto the Xbox one as of yet. For the PS3, Netflix was a big success, with overall most views on the console.

With this being said, did Microsoft take the right approach by trying to expand on their multi-media coverage on their console? Or did Sony play their cards right with the gaming only approach. Early signs show Sony has taken the edge forward in their sale figures, which is not surprising considering it is a dedicated gaming console. Some may say the Xbox one has more of a next-gen feel over the PS4, although so far it still hasn’t given the edge over the PS4.

Taking everything into account, can we hope to see another sleek box sitting under our TV’s in 5 years’ time when the next gen is announced?  I think not and I will tell you why.

With the evolution of the internet constantly offering higher speeds, reliability and bandwidths, I come to expect the next gaming platforms will come nicely packaged in the size of an Apple TV box. Or maybe this gen will see the end of physical boxes in our living rooms, with a APP being integrated within smart TV’s which offers everything you can access now on the current Gen but through the apple_tvcloud.

‘Hold on’ I hear you saying, I know it may seem far-fetched in this moment of time, especially when Microsoft tried a watered down approach of this on the Xbox one. Take into account, the speeds you can currently get through broadband providers, although not every area is covered by fibre, you would certainly hope within 5 years, 98% of people have access to it. The popularity of movie streaming services such as Netflix, Lovefilm and NOWTV, maybe 4/5 years ago, you might have laughed at the idea of having movies streaming straight to your TV, with buying physical copies as your preference.

You can certainly see an APP with a fresh interface, with games, movies and other media being streamed straight to your TV.

It would revolutionise everything, the cost of the APP or the small box would be a fraction of the current prices being offered this gen,the need for upgrading or releasing new consoles would become redundant with all upgrades taking place within the cloud servers. Although with this approach, Sony and Microsoft would defiantly look to cash in still, with higher monthly fees for using the APP and services being a real possibility.

Either-way, it leaves the unknown for the future of gaming an excitement. How technology progress’s and expands will certainly determine the approach taken in the future