Quick Fire Game Review: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

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Day Zero Edition was released on the 3/11/14.

So I’m not the biggest gamer in the world, but I do know my way around an xbox or play station controller fairly well. I recently got the chance to have a go at the newly released Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Here are a few of my quick fire thoughts of the release after giving it a go for a few hours.

So basically it’s just another call of duty, except it’s based in the year 2054. Being another call of duty it’s as good as you would expect but there wasn’t really anything that made it stand out and be a must have game.

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Ok the exoskeletons are kind of cool and so are the honing grenades. You can jump greater distances and hover because of the exoskeleton but to me it just seemed like a lame version of Titanfall. Don’t get me wrong the exoskeleton feature is cool and I’m glad they added it in but I just feel like Titanfall did it first and did it better.

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The graphics are intense, the detail definitely deserves a mention as it truly is pretty cool. The videos between the missions are as good as watching any Hollywood blockbuster but that’s almost expected with any new release first person shooter these days. Over all it’s hard to give the game a harsh review because it is a good game, it just lacks that special something to make it stand out. I miss the days of zombies, this games version of this is waves of soldiers coming at you but for some reason I just wasn’t feeling it. Pretty much it’s as good as you think it would be but nothing more, if you are in need of an up to date first person shooter than you might want to buy it but otherwise just wait for something cooler to come out that you’re actually excited about.


Written By: Teo Fudakowski