GTA online has many perks but one has come with up with some pretty awesome shots, the ability to take a selfie. The latest expansion “Snapmatic” offers the choice to take a standard photo in the course you are confronting or a selfie of you and your surroundings. Here are 8 of the best from the world of GTA.

With the next-gen consoles, new social features have allowed us to capture moments at any given time. With the PS4 (where these screenshots were captured from) the share button allowed boyscout299 to capture some in-game moments from the latest DLC ‘Whistleblower’ for Outlast.

One of the great things about the Sony exclusive ‘Infamous:Second Son’ is that it’s based on a real life location, Seattle.The developer’s hard work that went into creating this game is clearly visible all across the in-game city.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare announcement trailer, starring Kevin Spacey! Giving a fresh feel to previous Call of Duty games, the trailer is explosive and futuristic which is different to what we have previously seen. Check out the trailer below!

Playstation 4 has now received the new 1.70 update and is live for everyone to download. Here we have a selection screenshots of some the changes you can expect to see [Thanks, Redditor MrSazperilla].

New screenshots for Destiny released by Bungie really show off the world and how detailed it is going to be. This is the first time this amount of media has been released and you have to say, the screenshots below are stunning. If you was looking forward to playing Destiny, you’ll be dying to play it now.