OneDrive App Now Awarding Achievements On Xbox One


The Cloud-based storage from Microsoft, also formerly know as ‘SkyDrive’, will now be awarding achievements to users of the app on Xbox one.

Some of the achievements are detailed below:

  • “Week one winner” is granted to those who open OneDrive in its first week on Xbox One
  • “Long exposure” goes to those who view 100,000 photos
  • “Hope those aren’t all selfies” is awarded to users who view 10 photos from their camera roll
  • “On a roll.”¬†¬†watching five hours of slideshows
OneDrive is not just restricted to the Xbox One, It is also available on Windows Phone’s, iOS and Android. A default OneDrive account comes with 7GB of storage, but Microsoft has recently launched a promotion where enabling a camera roll backup rewards users with an extra 3GB of storage, while referring friends or family to the app nets a extra 500MB per person with a 5GB cap.Using the OneDrive on the Xbox One will allow you to save game-play recorded with the inbuilt Xbox DVR, and watch on a computer or portable device.