New Titanfall Patch Pushed Out Ahead Of Launch

TitanFall Wallpaper

Titanfall which is due for release this Friday has received a new Patch on both supported platforms, Xbox One and PC. The patch addresses some server technicalities, ensuring they are as stable as possible before launch.

The post on the Titanfall community feed confirmed the patch and the issues addressed. It was explained the update has been issued in direct response to early problems. The update is around 380MB.

“We’re aware that some users may have experienced early issues on PC and Xbox One,” it reads. “We’ve just pushed a patch that’s now recovering servers quickly. Players will load into Private Lobbies much faster and we’re continuing to monitor. Thanks for sticking with us on launch night, we appreciate your support!”

Due to the popularity of Titanfall, its may well have some server issues upon launch but its good to know Respawn are doing everything possible to make sure everything goes smoothly.