Game Review: Until Dawn Is The Ultimate Horror-Gaming Experience

Game: Until Dawn
Developer: Supermassive Games
Reviewer: Paul Corbett


If you had to make a choice between killing your best friend, or the person you love – what would you do?

That’s just one of the difficult decisions you’ll find yourself facing in this brutally life like survival horror game which can only be described in one word; INTENSE. No, EXHILIRATING. Wait, TERRIF… ok, you might need more than one word.

Until Dawn is the latest and by far greatest release from Supermassive Games, that takes most of what makes a video game a video ‘game’ and drop kicks it right in the tender bits.

Gone are the days of health bars and extra lives. In Until Dawn, if you die, you die. No restarts, no mulligans, just the overwhelming guilt of killing someone you care about, and that’s only half of what makes it amazing. Extremely well thought out character developments (not to mention brilliant performances from the likes of Hayden Panettere and Peter Stormare) give you a real sense of attachment to all eight playable characters. Killing them off can be a hard pill to swallow, but only makes saving them on the second play (or third, or fourth) that much more satisfying.


The other half of amazing? A combination of stunningly realistic graphics, clever use of motion sense control and a killer soundtrack that really puts the cherry on top of this gripping horror sundae. Gripping is really the perfect word to describe the experience, not just for the person playing, but for anyone in the general area of your gaming sanctuary. If only my fiance (“Can we please turn the light on?”) was this enthralled by NBA 2k.

If I had to (HAD to) say anything bad, it would be the lack of gaming skill needed to complete the game. Seasoned gamers may find it a tad on the easy side – but that on the other hand is what makes this so appealing to such a wide audience.

With games having similar if not bigger budgets than some motion pictures these days, it was only a matter of time before the game/movie line got a little blurry. It feels weird calling this a game, because half the time it really feels like you’re playing the latest blockbuster. It’s like ‘Saw’ got it on with ‘The Hills Have Eyes’, pushed this bad boy out, then hired ‘Resident Evil’ to be the live in Nanny.

The perfect mix of gore, suspense, and super natural mind games. Take a bow Supermassive. And good luck following it up…