FIFA 2015 to Have Improved Goalkeepers

FIFA 14 was a game promising much change along with adapting to two next-gen consoles. While still by far the best soccer game on the market, it didn’t play as well as many FIFA fans had hoped. An improvement in defending was there, but what’s a good defense if your goalkeeper is awful? The goalkeepers in FIFA 14 were slow to react to second chance shots, seemed to ‘glitch out’ when in the mix with defenders to a ball among other issues. Watching the World Cup we saw how acrobatic goalkeepers can be, to the point it seemed unrealistic…like a video game. The question remains can and will FIFA be able to re-create the sweeper-keeper style of play Germany’s Manuel Neuer showed us over the past year, a trend many young goalkeepers have began to follow.


Neuer playing the sweeper-keeper role

United States and Everton star goalkeeper Tim Howard has jumped on board with EA to help them not only improve the goalkeeping in FIFA, but possibly revolutionize it.

Tim Howard's motion-capture session with EA

Tim Howard’s motion-capture session with EA

Along with goalkeeping improvements,  EA has promised plenty more changes which we will be sure to analyze in our previews, news, and reviews of FIFA 15.

Gameplay Trailer

FIFA 15 releases in North America on September 23, September 25h in Europe, and September 26th in the UK.