Fez To Release on Sony Gaming Devices on March 25


This morning, Marie-Christine Bourdua (Developer) broke the news that Polytron’s platformer Fez will be released on March 25 for all current Sony gaming devices;PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

The game will run at native resolution, 960 x 544 on PS Vita while the PS3 version will run at 60fps at 720p. On PS4, Bourdua considers this the best way to play the game and described it as “the best-looking and smoothest Fez experience you can get on a TV set” at 1080p at 60 fps.

Fez will cost $12.99 regularly, and $9.99 in the launch week (March 25th. – March 31st.) (no EUR/GBP/AUD prices yet).

Bourdua also revealed a few extra features which will be heading to the PlayStation versions of the game.

“No one’s going to blame you for digging around, but you won’t find many big changes in these versions of the game,” Bourdua wrote. “However, there are a few surprises … especially in the PS4 version: DualShock 4’s lightbar has been put to the task of bringing a little bit of Fez‘s world into your own home, and you may not need to search for that dusty pair of red/cyan glasses to experience a very late-game easter egg … Funny story: to test the new 3DTV support, we spent a weekend running around computer shops to find a monitor that sports an integrated emitter. When we found one and started up Fez, our minds were forever expanded. I think we can see the fourth dimension now?”