Capcom Reveal Xbox One Exclusive Dead Rising 3 Sold 1.2 Million Copies


Capcom has revealed their Xbox One Exclusive ‘Dead Rising 3’ has sold 1.2 million copies but it wasn’t their biggest seller.

The details were disclosed as part of the companies end of year financial report.  The report, which covers year ending March 31, 2014, revealed Monster Hunter 4 was the stand-out performer however in a year that saw both sales and profits rise.

Monster Hunter 4 ended with an impressive 4.1 million sales, becoming Capcoms 6th best-selling game of all time. Resident Evil Revelations was the company’s third game to sell over a million copies last year.

Sales rose 8.6 percent to ¥102 billion ($1 billion), while profit rose 15.9 percent to ¥3.4 billion ($33.8 million) giving a nice overall end to the financial calendar for Capcom.