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Hilarious Madden 15 Glitch: Tiny Linebacker

Size doesn't matter...except in Madden

Reddit User Leaks Screenshots From Xbox One Version Of Assassins Creed: Unity

Assassins Creed Unity has made waves since it's announcement and the teasers at E3. It is one of Ubisofts flagship titles this year and can be seen in two variations. Both games are being developed for two different platform, Unity is being targeted for current generation where as Rogue is being targeted for the previous generation.
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GTA IV Looks Stunning With Custom Mods And Texture Packs

GTA V, a big hit on the last gen console, is right around the corner with a next-gen release. A lot of talk has been mentioned about the new visuals and how much of an"improvement" they will be but one thing is for sure, it's going to have to do something special to beat GTA IV modded!


Official Destiny – Launch Gameplay Trailer

Destiny, one of the biggest blockbusters to hit gaming this year has released a new trailer. The new official launch trailer ignites new excitement for the game and looks absolutely stunning!

FIFA 2015 to Have Improved Goalkeepers

FIFA 14 was a game promising much change along with adapting to two next-gen consoles. While still by far the best soccer game on the market, it didn’t play as well as many FIFA fans had hoped. An improvement in defending was there, but what’s a good defense if your goalkeeper is awful? The goalkeepers […]

Titanfall EA Free

EA Offers ‘Titanfall’ For FREE! But There’s A Catch…

To combat Steam's much loved summer sales that went live earlier today, EA has come up with something completely new.

Sony’s MMORPG ‘H1Z1′ Gets Several Terrifying Screenshots

Sony Online Entertainment’s H1Z1 has come out of nowhere, a wild card among all the other big hitters which were announced at E3. Despite this, the relativity unknown game comes with some big promises and has created quite a dedicated following since being shown for the first time, from zombie fans and those who love open world games.
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9 New Screenshots Released For Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare now has 9 fresh screenshots which all COD fans can get excited about. As detailed in the reveal screenshots we published last month, Advanced Warfare looks to take a different approach to previous titles, a futuristic setting and featuring a big name star in Kevin Spacey.