It’s just another call of duty, except it’s based in the year 2054. Being another call of duty it’s as good as you would expect but there wasn’t really anything that made it stand out and be a must have game.

FIFA 15 is the best soccer game on the market, but is it as good as it can be?

Konami has released 30 new screens fro Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The screenshots consist of the the cutscene of Quiet entering Mother Base and getting imprisoned and the African jungle game play. If the screenshots are anything to go by, this looks to an interesting and graphically stunning game.

Assassins Creed Unity has made waves since it’s announcement and the teasers at E3. It is one of Ubisofts flagship titles this year and can be seen in two variations. Both games are being developed for two different platform, Unity is being targeted for current generation where as Rogue is being targeted for the previous generation.