Your Weekly InstaFix: How Celebs Promo

Many Instagrammers like the way social media gives you access to the stars – however it also gives those celebs a platform to promote their latest projects. We take a look at what celebs are advertising this week.


Camera Cara Delevigne and W Magazine

Cara Delevingne posted this pic after the mag cover was nominated for Best Cover. The model using Instagram to get votes for the competition.


CameraKim Kardashian and TMobile

You know the age old saying Sex Sells and it seems that’s what Kimmy K was thinking when posting this pic for her new TMobile promotion. How the two relate, we’re not quite sure yet.


CameraTaylor Swift and 1989 World Tour

Taylor Swift left it to the experts and just uploaded a copy of her tour poster to promote Haim joining her tour.


CameraLeBron and Nike

Basketballer LeBron James signed a $90 million contract to endorse Nike products. It’s money easily made with selfies like this.


CameraPosh and her own designs

Serial self promo-er Victoria Beckham only ever uploads pics of her designs and collections which is disappointing for followers who want to see more of the singer/business woman herself.


CameraGwen Stefani and Cosmo

Many stars use social media to sell their mag covers. Gwen Stefani was just one of them this week after posing for Cosmo’s February issue.

CameraJamie Oliver and his cook books

Jamie Oliver entices his followers with pics of delicious meals. The chef draws you in with scrumptious snaps like this one and then tells you which book you have to buy to get it.


CameraRosie H-W and her new perfume

Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was all over social media earlier this week as she launched her first fragrance; Rosie for Autograph.


CameraLeo Dicaprio and WWF

Actor Leonardo Dicaprio rarely uses his Instagram account for his own financial benefit but rather for the charities he supports. This week the environmentalist posted this pic to his 597 thousand followers, promoting the increase of wild tigers.


CameraReese Witherspoon and her new flick ‘Wild’

Reese Witherspoon drew attention to her film Wild which is currently in cinemas. The actress posting a screen shot from a scene in the movie.


CameraMiranda Kerr and Kora

Miranda Kerr isn’t just the hired face for this product. The model owns Kora Organics and often uses her social media accounts to promote the business.


CameraKaty Perry and Elle Mag

This may be the third Elle Cover for Katie Perry, but the star was still drumming up support for it by posting this pic. But the singer didn’t stop there, she also gushed about the designers she was wearing.

CameraMichelle Obama and National School Counseling Week

And it’s not just models, singers and actors who use Instagram to push their purpose. Michelle Obama is a pro when it comes to posting political pics. This one was celebrating National School Counseling Week. The First Lady highlighting it was the first time Counselor of the Year was awarded in the White House.


CameraGiuliana Rancic and Fashion Police

Guiliana Rancic was advertising one of her many shows with this snap. The TV Host was showing off the new panelists for Fashion Police.

CameraKris Jenner and Kendall Jenner

Kris Jenner was promoting one of her own cash cows with this pic. The “Mom-ager” is well known for representing her daughter’s business interests because if they do well, so does she.